Fernando Sarrías

Fernando Sarrías López started studying violin and music theory at the age of six. For twelve years he played gigs accompanying different bands and songwriters as well as playing in his local symphony orchestra. After finishing secondary school he received a scholarship to study a double degree in “Music Creation and Audiovisual Communication” at Universidad Europea de Madrid. While at University he started taking piano lessons and taught himself how to play guitar. He also started working on projects besides his studies which involved arranging music for different bands, producing artists, making his own music and composing soundtracks for several short films, including animation and documentary films.

He is also part of the “Base Sessions” team, a platform to introduce new artists to people. He is in charge of the sound recording and mixing of the songs, as well as the editing of several of the artists interviews.

One of the aspects that encouraged him on his musical journey was travelling around Europe with his family in their motorhome, where they would stop in different cities and he would perform music on the streets with his brother. In addition to this, his travels to South England as part of his degree to study at the University of Portsmouth, and his experience studying at the New York Film Academy in LA, heavily influenced and fueled his passion for composing music. 

In 2020 he finished his double degree in university and produced a conceptual EP as part of his dissertation project called “La Nube”, which is based on the electroacoustic treatment of the violin as the only sound source of the whole project.

At the moment, Fernando is producing music for different artists and composing soundtracks for several short films and other audiovisual projects.